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Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry for all Ages

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Ortho for Kids

Ages 5 - 10

"When should I take my child to see the orthodontist? "

At Petaluma Dental Group we subscribe to the American Association of Orthodontists recommendation that children visit the orthodontist for the first time at around age 7.  


Early orthodontic treatment is important at  because  teeth and bone structure is immature

therefore, we can guide and address any problems at a very early stage, hereby minimizing the complexity of any subsequent treatment.

To schedule your appointment call us at: 

(707) 762-0067.


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for all ages

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Ortho for Teens

Ages 10 - 17

Orthodontic braces are a big part of life for many people your age. 

Everyone knows that many teens have braces. We also understand you have active lives and want you to look and feel your best! 


While braces may have had a bad reputation in the past, today’s braces make it easy to look good and feel good!


There are many benefits for getting orthodontic treatment during your teen years.

To schedule your appointment call us at: 

(707) 762-0067.


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Mother with invisible braces, Invisiligns

Ortho for Adults

Not just for kids anymore!

Orthodontics is not just for kids! Do you worry that you are too old to straighten your teeth? Do you hide your smile?


Did you know about 25% of orthodontic patients are  adults! Adults seek orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. At Smile More Petaluma at Petaluma Dental Group we are proud to welcome adults into our ortho family.

Most patients know that straighter teeth makes a prettier smile, however, not everyone knows that properly aligned teeth can help improve your overall health as well!

To schedule your appointment call us at: 

(707) 762-0067.



“I'm so happy with my new smile! Invisaligns straightened my bottom teeth that had become so crooked it had become hard to even floss.  It's never too late, I'm 68!



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